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Approved Training Provider Details

Provider Number: ACC/2010/06/696
Organisation Name: Setlagole Telecentre
Centre Address Postal Address

1597 B:Setlagole Village

 1597 B:Setlagole Village

Phone Number Fax Number

(018) 330 7000 018 330 7047

Unit Standard(s) Approved
CodeDescriptionCreditsNQF LevelLearning Type
14912Investigate the use of computer technology in an organisation6Level 3Elective
117927Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based database application to solve a given problem6Level 4Elective
116937Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based spreadsheet application to create and edit spreadsheets4Level 2Core
9010Demonstrate understanding of the use of different number bases and measurement units and an awareness of error in the context of relevant calculations2Level 3Fundamental
8968Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication5Level 3Fundamental
117923Use a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based presentation application to prepare and produce a presentation according to a given brief5Level 2Core
10140Apply a range of project management tools8Level 4Elective
114076Use computer technology to research a computer topic3Level 4Fundamental
9012Investigate life related problems using data and probabilities5Level 3Fundamental
117925Describe the concepts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the use of its components in a healthy and safe manner3Level 2Core

Fully Accredited for the following Qualification(s)
No.SAQA IDDescriptionCredits
1 49077National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing130

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