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Benefits of participating in Internships

For the Learner
Graduates receive workplace experience.

Who participates in an Internship?
Either employed or unemployed persons can get involved in an Internship, but the MICT Seta focuses on unemployed graduates. The Internship usually involves just the learner, who is a potential employee to a company, and the potential employer. Taking note of the learner’s level of education, capabilities and experience, the employer defines the workplace programme that must be completed for the learner to obtain the required skills for the work to be performed within the company. This workplace programme is reviewed with the learner, and both parties agree to the final programme.
There may be instances where the learner has to undergo some additional specialised training. In this case, the training provider could become a third party to the Internship agreement. On completion of the Internship, the intern will receive a Certificate of Recognition.

Who can apply for an Internship?
The employer applies for an Internship. Learners can only participate in Internships through employers.

Difference between Learnerships and Internships

There are two distinct components-theoretical and Experiential. Focused on practical training.
Different levels on National Qualifications Framework (NQF) with level 1 being Adult Basic Education Training (ABET) and level 8 equivalent to a doctorate. Employers determine the duration and content so it varies greatly.
Learner receives credits for every unit standard completed successfully. Specific outcomes not defined or regulated. Ideal for graduates or those with tertiary qualifications but lacking experience.
Appropriate for people across the board. Appropriate for people with degrees/diplomas.
Entails agreement between a Seta, learner, employer and a training provider. Entails agreement between a Seta, employer and an intern.
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