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What learners need to know?


Before you even decide whether you want to apply to be included in a specific Learnership you need to be honest with yourself and answer a few questions:

  • What type of job am I interested in?
  • Who will be the people that I will be working with?
  • Why would I like to do this job?
  • What type of work will I be doing all day?
  • What type of career opportunities will there be available for me once I have completed my Learnership?
  • Where will I be employed?
  • Will my workplace be in the formal sector o f the economy or will I be self-employed?

Answer these questions to yourself, get a realistic picture in your mind of what you want to achieve, also keep your potential and the specific needs of the country in mind.

If you are convinced that a Learnership is what you want to do, you can then start the process to apply for a specific Learnership at a specific Seta?

  • The most important factor of a Learnership is - there must be an Employer first, and then the Training Provider enters the partnership with the Learner
  • The agreement is a tripartite agreement. This means the Learner, Employer and Training provider enters into an agreement

  • The employer decides on the specific Learnership they wish to implement - the MICT cannot dictate to the employer or training provider.
  • New entrants, i.e. unemployed, school leavers, graduates or the employees, within the company, may enter a Learnership Agreement.
  • It is advisable that learners who already have a qualification higher than level 4 do not enter into a lower level Learnership.
  • To qualify for an IT Learnership the learner needs to have Maths and Science at HG level.
  • The SETA does not recruit or select the learners - the employer or training provider does the selection in accordance with Skills Development Act requirements.

Learners are also advised to also register at their local Department of Labour for consideration and placement on Learnerships.

What will you achieve?
A Learnership is recognized on the NQF and it can lead to a National Framework Qualification. An official certificate is issued to a learner who has been declared competent in accordance with the requirements of the Learnership and the relevant Qualification.

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